History: GB Manufacturing Company

The Golden Belt Manufacturing Company was founded by Julian Shakespeare Carr in 1900 as a textile factory that processed cotton into thread and produced pouches for Bull Durham tobacco.

Carr’s operation of Golden Belt was innovative and adaptive: as the demand for tobacco bags waned, the plant produced thread and cloth for other uses and printed packaging for cigarettes. Operations finally ceased in 1996.

LRC Properties celebrates this rich heritage by revitalizing Golden Belt in a manner that honors its history and architecture and reaffirms the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship that is Golden Belt’s greatest legacy.

Vision: Live. Work. Create.

Julian Carr’s legacy of creativity and innovation is indeed alive and well in the Bull City!

With a focus on the arts and creativity, Golden Belt features a sustainable design and a historic restoration that embraces the funky industrial aesthetic to forge a unique urban environment where creative people live, work and play.

GB is the go-to, must-have place for creative pursuits, cultural events and a hip lifestyle.

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