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Metalsmith, Jeweler

Location: Studio 3-128

Beth Hammett Artist Statement:

I love making things, and now mostly work in metal. Currently I am working with reclaimed silver and natural beach stones, as small part in saving the earth from us, and our dangerous mining and polluting ways.   My work get describes as modern and organic, occasionally beautiful, and  … sometimes even weird!   The pieces evolve into the image I had dreamed up, in a magical, mysterious (to me) sort of way;  it’s a process of ‘getting in the flow” and then  “getting out of the way”.  My studio name, Spirit Works, reminds me to find the story and tell it, in either a whimsical or obscure fashion.

Amulets and Talismans are a passion.   History and humor guide me in finding imaginary things at the edge of the ocean: shells, stones, plants, or even pieces of old wooden pirate ships.  Who doesn’t love picking up stones or shark’s teeth from the edge of the water?

My jewelry is hand fabricated of silver, copper, bronze, steel; and sometimes combined with weird or beautiful old objects; or occasionally even modern materials such as resin or Faux Bone..   I often use in my work objects such as beach or river stones from the natural world, or manmade things from times gone by that deserve preservation or even honor.  By encasing them in metal jewelry, we can stop and pay close attention to their uniqueness.

I am especially drawn to Japanese techniques such as “wood-eye” patterns in metal which are generally called Mokume Gane, or “New Mokume Gane” if made from metal clay, and Shibuichi, the traditional copper silver alloys.

On a personal note, I’m very new to Durham.  I came here in December, 2012, to be nearer to family.  While in Wilmington, I exhibited at many local art shows, have large multi-media pieces in two corporate collections, won several prizes, and had a jewelry piece in the Cameron Art Museum Show featuring NC Artists.

Commissions are welcome, come anytime and let’s talk about what you want.  It is a great pleasure and an honor to have the things I’ve made enjoyed by you.