Kristin Gibson


Location: ST23

Kristin Gibson captures colors from jars of paint with big brushes, mixing up fresh and joyful renditions of everyday subjects on canvases large and small. Painting daily in alla-prima (all at once) technique, sparks Kristin’s confident line and brushwork, bringing forth a process of serendipity combined with masterful color and painterly perspectives. Working in the tradition of still life, Kristin enjoys stumbling upon seasonal subjects she finds on walks at Umstead State Park, Duke Gardens, the Durham farmers market, or in her own backyard – then composing them back at the studio with pottery, books, and fabrics for an array of canvas sizes, in a fully developed style all her own.

Kristin’s studio is ever changing as she works on new pieces to share with the galleries she has been established with for nearly 15 years. After receiving her BFA in Painting and Surface Design from ECU School of Art and Design in 1990, early career work in textiles found her designing and coloring printed jacquard fabric collections for the home décor market. The process of creating yards and yards of fabric, continued to inform her sense of color, texture and composition, during her twenty years living and working in the Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC art community. Life steered her back to the Durham area 5 years ago where she now welcomes visitors and collectors to Studio 23, and invites you to discover the fine art galleries that represent her work in NC, NY, and Atlanta. Together, they look forward to helping you bring a colorful Kristin painting to the spaces you enjoy.