Elaine Evans


Location: ST15
Email: elain.evans6@gmail.com

Elaine Evans is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist. Her work is sculptural in form and the materials she uses can include clay, wood, metal found objects, glass, paper, wax and paint.
Elaine has held a public art studio for many years including one in the Boston area and one in Miami. She also taught art for 28 years. She has lived in Durham for the past year and is enjoying her new studio at Golden Belt.



Location: ST12
Email: choisoonja1952@gmail.com
Website: www.lazyrivergallery.com

My paintings represent the calm and tranquility that I see in the world. I am an
impressionist/post impressionist painter who works exclusively with oil paint. The oil
paint that I use perfectly captures the texture of natural elements.

I grew up in post-war Korea, where life was not glamorous or elaborate. I helped
my family by selling drawings to American soldiers. Through my struggles living under
difficult circumstances, I created my own visual world that still lives today in my
paintings. I sought refuge in the soft sky and wildflowers. I found peace and comfort in

My memories of scarcity and questions disappear into my painted world of certain
ecstatic blues and oranges that spit like fire.

I am a self-taught artist, but have always used the lessons of life as guidance when
it comes to the brush. I enjoy taking local and statewide workshops to continue to grow
in my skill, in order to better capture the dynamism of the exterior world reflected in my
own heart. This world of lush meadows, deeply knotted woods and eternally spiraling
waves, is real to me. I’d love to share my world with you.


Location: ST22
Email: jessica@alicerise.com
Website: https://alicerise.com/

Color has the power to remind us that despite our daily worries and stresses, our true nature is joyful, vibrant, and free. Jessica Haynes, the creator behind Alice Rise, wants to remind you of your own aliveness and unique beauty with pieces woven by hand with a simple needle and thread. Using contemporary Japanese glass beads as well as rare antique beads that can range back to hundreds of years old, she offers a constantly rotating range of beautiful reminders that joy can be found anywhere.


Location: ST09
Email: maureen.dunlap@gmail.com
Website: maureendunlap.com

Maureen Dunlap has been a representational oil painter for most of her life. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After having a successful carrer in software development, she is now painting full time and can be found at her studio most mornings. A perfectionist with a sense of humor, she strives to make each painting about color, contrats and a pop that evokes a “wow” to delight the viewer. Her favorite genres are ocean waves and flowers, although she is also an accomplished portrait artists. Her work has been purchased by collectors around the country.


Location: ST24
Email: johnkayrouz@gmail.com

John Kayrouz creates paintings that explore his relationship to the unseen. Behind the work is a desire to create spaces that have spiritual, sexual, and worldly cycles. Each painting is a reflection of an iner world trying to balance itself.



Painter/Photographer/Art Teacher

Location: ST23
Email: studio@courtney-potter.com
Website: courtney-potter.com

Courtney Potter has worked as an abstract painter, fine art photographer, and an art teacher for the last decade. Since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2009 with a degree in Photojournalism, Courtney has photographed more than 150 weddings and provided her fine art portrait photography services for many beautiful souls. She’s also worked as a documentary photographer in Vietnam, Kenya, and the Amazon and earned awards with College Photographer of the Year, WPJA, WPPI, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Courtney began abstract painting as a way to process her emotions after experiencing trauma in her life. What started as art therapy for personal healing transformed into a professional career as a North Carolinian artist. Opening herself up to access a deeper well of her creative power literally saved her life and continues to serve a therapeutic purpose for Courtney. She believes art is a powerful tool that anyone can access at any time to transform their pain into meaning.


All paintings and photographs (c) Courtney Potter 2019.


Location: ST16
Email: ngozidesign@gmail.com

Andrea and Sharlene currently reside in Durham and are both self-taught sewists, each with over 40 years of creative experience. Andrea is also a jewelry designer. Together they are dedicated to developing ONI by Ngozi Design, a collection that hightlights sartorial genius and tradition throughout the African diaspora.

Andrea and Sharlene share a passion that lies in more fully exploring and celebrating by design and construction, African ancetral intention as it relates to textile, color and silhouette. They are also inspired by those who created art as clothing, sometimes with the least likely of materials but with a flare that rejected notions of unusual resources or creative deficiency. Art that is the fashion of today.

Custom requests are always welcome!



Location: ST14
Email: aimlesslightstudios@gmail.com

Mar Hester completed her MFA in 2016; she has been working as an artist while teaching. Her residencies included Nes Artist Residency – Skagastrond, Iceland, Vermont Studio Center – Johnson, VT, Elsewhere Studios – Paonia, CO and Artspace in Raleigh, NC. Currently Mar has gallery representation in Des Moinse, IA area with the Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design. The basis of all of Mar Hester’s work lies in challenging the traditional means of viewing photography while commenting on our ever shifting environment. It is her hope through the reconsideration of the familiar is that we all can truly learn to evolve.



Location: ST13
Email: bonniewright@gmail.com

Bonnie Wright is a multi-media artist who makes fine silver jewelry and mixed media encaustic paintings. Her inspiration comes from the beauty and cycles of nature and human relationships. She is in awe of the power, dynamism and generative nature of the sea, which she frequently expresses in her work.



Location: ST07
Email: hpitt46@aol.com

Patricia specializes in Portraits (Children, Pets and Animals), Figures, Landscapes, and Still Life in an Impressionistic Style. Her mediums of choice include oil, acrylic, pastels, charcoal and pencil. Being a former Ballet Dancer, she is especially drawn to the human form and the dramatic. When painting Patricia is constantly editing, deciding what to leave out, to discover the essence of the object instead of mindlessly copying detail. Every painting is a new learning experience and for her a satisfying Journey! Patricia is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionistic Society and the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society.

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