Audrey Pinto

PastePaper Press

Location: ST09

Like most book and paper artists, Audrey loves everything about books. From an early age, Audrey was fascinated by the beauty of illuminated manuscripts. She marveled at the exquisite workmanship that went into producing these elegant works of art from the Middle Ages. It is not just the words and stories contained between their covers— She loves the form and structure of the book and the myriad of possibilities it affords in conceptualizing and creating new designs.

In her practice, she focuses on the book as art and its architectural, three-dimensional features. Audrey’s work takes a variety of forms from folded paper, pop-ups, and different types of bindings, to decorative boxes and paste papers.  She creates using the ancient technique (developed during the Renaissance period) of adding pigments to wheat paste. Since book arts is interactive, she invites everyone to stop by her studio to touch, open, close, and examine her books and boxes.