Now showing in the Great Hall: Dimensions by Sterling Bowing

Dimension is a noun meaning “a measurable extent of some kind.” The contrast between the physical dimensions of the cubes is the source of much of each piece’s dynamism. Dimension also has another meaning- “an aspect or feature of a situation”- which, again, references attention towards the visual character of a thing.

For many of us “dimension” also refers to a time (an element of Sterling’s work as the sculptures are temporary) and space (which they physically occupy). The process for making this installation relied on reacting to the cubes themselves and to (the dimensions of!) this particular space.

The cube assemblages-which are not attached permanently to each other or the wall-foreground gravity and light in a way that paintings cannot. Sterling treats the cubes as proxies for brushstrokes as he spontaneously assembles them into temporary compositions that are never repeated.

Sterling graduated from UNC Charlotte and attended the University of Houston’s MFA program before returning home to North Carolina. He is a family man, blogger, and clean energy enthusiast who sees his depiction of the cube as a reformed modernist approach to nonrepresentational painting.


Oct 09 2021 - Dec 31 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm